If you have been prescribed some medications that need multiple refills or you are those for ongoing basis, it is important to keep track so you do not run out of medicines. We work closely with you in contacting doctor’s offices, insurance companies so refills happen in timely manner.

We offer multiple ways to request refills: at our pharmacy, from our website or using the free mobile app.

Just come by or call us – we always love to see you and hear from you!

Use our website to send your refill request directly to the location from where you regularly get your medications.

Easy to use mobile app ‘Rx2Go’ from your Apple or Android device.

We will send reminder text messages- please provide your preferred number though our contact us page We will be proactive in reminding you – if your insurance changes or your run out of refill, we would gladly follow up with your dr. office and keep you informed.

In short, we take pride in working with you as a team – when it comes to timely refills to ensure you get your medications/supplies without interruption.