How many cycles of Birth Control Pills will I receive?

There are many factors to consider when the pharmacist determines how many cycles to dispense.

  • The way in which the prescription was written. The pharmacy may dispense enough cycles to last through the end of eligibility.
  • The number of refills remaining on your prescription.
  • The number of cycles you have already received for the semester.
  • The expiration date of the product.
  • The number of cycles allowed by your insurance

All of these factors have to be taken into consideration before the pharmacist can determine how many cycles to dispense.

How do I transfer my prescription to SU Health Services?

Bring your container to the Pharmacy and we will call for the transfer; NYS only allows the transfer of one refill from pharmacy to pharmacy. A transfer may invalidate the remaining refills at pharmacies in other states. For routine medications, it is recommended that you ask your prescriber to call, fax, or mail a new prescription to the Pharmacy. Refills are allowed for up to one year if appropriate.


How do I transfer a prescription from Health Services to another pharmacy?

If you would like your prescription transferred to another pharmacy, request the other pharmacy to call us for a refill authorization. Your provider can also call the other pharmacy with a new prescription