About Us

Meadowbrook Pharmacy is part of a local independent pharmacy group with locations around Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. What sets us apart is our dedication to customer service. We take our responsibilities of providing high quality prescription medications with accuracy, very seriously. We are conveniently located near major healthcare establishments, and provide free delivery service to areas around our locations. Moreover, we have in-house compounding capabilities to meet the needs of discontinued medications or customized requirements.


To help our patrons get the medicines they need at the lowest cost while maintaining highest accuracy and quality. We strive to empower our patrons with complete knowledge about usage and best options available to them.


Through hard work, professional dedication and compassionate care we will continue to live up to our motto of remaining as ‘the pharmacy you can trust’.


Our founders are the husband-wife team of Abdul & Myra Rasul. Abdul is a Registered Phamacists (RPh) with many years of experience working for major retail pharmacies in the US.

Working at the chain pharmacies, he noticed the disturbing trends of diminishing customer focus, increasingly complex environment of pharmacy benefits, lack of compassionate one-on-one care and rise of overall hardship people were facing to get something as important as their medications! Myra and Abdul realized that for chain and big store pharmacies, due to their huge overheads, volume and profit margin seemed to be their priorities.

Driven by the vision that a pharmacist’s role is of a key partner in caring for community’s health and that the pharmacy services could be delivered with lot more compassion and excellence, Myra and Abdul started Meadowbrook Pharmacy in 2009.

Very quickly, Meadowbrook pharmacy became well known as the place to go when community needed prescription medications, nutritional supplements and medical supplies. Due to excellent pharmaceutical knowledge, highly personable demeanor and commitment to customer satisfaction, the husband-wife team became trusted adviser to many patrons of the pharmacy.

Abdul and Myra continue to lead our team in delivering superior pharmaceutical care with a compassionate, community focused approach.