Welcome to Meadowbrook Pharmacy!

We are a group of independent pharmacies based in Dallas Fort Worth area. We are your allies in ensuring that you get the right medications/supplies promptly and at the best price.


Whether you are looking for maximum savings on your prescription medications, high quality over-the-counter products or vitamins, we welcome you to visit us and experience top notch service and expertise.


In today’s complex (and often frustrating) prescription drug benefits environment, the cost and accessibility of even the essential medications are becoming unpredictable. We work hard and try our best to stay current with all changes and restrictions, so we can provide your with the best prices and options.


Unlike big chain and mail order pharmacies, we are 100% independent, community focused establishments. We work and live in the communities we serve. Our goal is simple : to provide our customers and their families with the best possible prescriptions benefits.


Despite increasing restrictions from insurance plans and for self-pay patients, we hold dear the strong belief that as a pharmacy it is our obligation to try all possible ways to get you and your loved ones the medications you need so you get back and stay in sound health.


We see ourselves as a key partner alongside your doctors, in caring for your health. Life-changing drugs and treatment options are what patients rely on to complete their care plans and prescribed remedies from their physician. As a team, we work with various healthcare experts, physicians and care coordinators. One patient at a time, we provide for affordable, high quality drugs and compounding services.

Although individually we are a small, independent pharmacy, each location is staffed with highly qualified, experienced, registered pharmacist and a team of talented pharmacy technicians. We also participate in a large purchasing co-operative entity, so we can get highly competitive prices for your medications. In most cases we are able to offer same/lower prices than any chain/big store pharmacy.


Moreover, we are able to take time to answer all your questions, keep you updated about your refills/benefit changes, proactively keep in touch with your doctors and make you aware of options you could discuss with your physician.


For your new prescriptions, refills or compounding needs , give us an opportunity to impress you. You will save time, money and receive consistent, superior, expert service at each of our group pharmacies.

On The Go?

Request refills on the go using the Rx2Go app for your Apple and Android mobile devices

Why choose us?

We purchase directly from reputed wholesale suppliers, so we can offer the best prices for your prescription medications, over the counter products and medical supplies. We make our best attempts to keep track of any available options/discounts/rebates so we can pass maximum savings to you.

Compounding allows access to discontinued medications and/or making medication easier to use: to suit individual needs for alternate form, flavor, strength, allergy-friendly. We can compound any medication (except those requiring sterile compounding) , including the ones for pain management, sports medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, medicines for pets and more.

We use the highest quality ingredients, advanced compounding technologies, and processes that are state-approved and compliant with laboratory guidelines.

Too busy or not feeling well enough to visit us in store? Can’t arrange for a ride or need to deliver medications to your family members? No problems- we’ve got you covered. Ask any of our locations about Free Delivery service. We will deliver prescription medications to your home/work at no charge. Our Free Deliver service is really free, i.e. we do not bill your insurance, any agency or you. It is just our way to show that we care!

Unlike chain or big store pharmacies, our exclusive focus is on your medication needs, your health and overall wellness. Filling your prescriptions accurately and promptly, making sure you have full understanding of the drug regimen and side effects, timely processing of your refills- those are our top priorities.

Being a community focused pharmacy, we are able to provide personal attention to each of our customers and build lifelong relations within the communities we serve. Our staff works proactively with insurance companies, medical offices and care providers so we can reduce some of your burden when you need to focus on your health or the health of your loved ones.

We take pride in making sure that our customers have easy access to our staff to get all their medication related questions. With many different prescription plans, restrictions and fine prints, we love to work with you in figuring out best options for you. For our Medicare patients, we have invested in special software tools that let us compare all available plans to determine the best Part-D options based on your prescription needs.

Call us today to setup a free one-on-one consultation with our knowledgeable pharmacy staff for any medications, compounding, vitamins/nutritional supplements, preventive care related questions.